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Eco-Friendly Toy & Craft Store


Drop-In Crafts


At Pinecones and Needles you will find simple and age appropriate toys that encourage deep and imaginative play.

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Drop in crafts offers a monthly menu of craft projects for all ages.  No prior registration is required.

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We also offer handwork classes to children starting 1st grade. Contact us for more information on signing up for a class.

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Learn about Pinecones & Needles  

Pinecones and Needles is a Waldorf inspired one-of-a-kind boutique located between Waverly Square and Cushing Square, Belmont, MA where we strive to create an environment of reverence for Mother Nature and our community while creating beautiful crafts and selling traditional and European toys and gifts made of natural and eco-friendly materials.  

Anne Gates, the owner, founded Pinecones & Needles because she wanted to provide a space where families gather together, reconnect, explore a way of living closer to nature, and rediscover a deep respect for life cycles.  Pinecones & Needles offers crafting classes and drop in crafts for children and adults alike.  Our toy store offers a wide selection of eco-friendly Waldorf inspired toys for all ages as well as a large selection of European toys. So come by and meet Anne and her friendly and talented staff; we look forward to seeing you.  Sign up for classes, drop in to craft, buy a gift, and treat yourself.  Come chat, craft, and play.

Mission Statement

The company's mission is to provide an alternative environment and community where families will find inspiration and support on how to live and provide a simpler life for their children.

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