Out of the Woods Archival Print : Emily Winfield Martin

Out of the Woods Archival Print : Emily Winfield Martin


We here at Pinecones & Needles adore Emily Winfield Martin (The Black Apple) and her unique twist on cuteness. She does amazing paintings, and we're excited to have a few of them as prints.

Here's what she says about "Out of the Woods (or How We Quit the Forest)";

There are many reasons for the girl and the creatures to pack their bags and go, but I can't imagine any reason good enough to leave the woods unless you were in serious danger or distress.

How We Quit The Forest is the name of a favorite album of mine, and I'd been thinking of a loosely related painting for years and years (though what happens in the song is mostly between an ostrich & an egret and doesn't have too much to do with this picture at all.)

Expertly printed with an 11-ink fade-resitant color process on a smooth, enhanced archival matte paper creating rich blacks and vibrant colors by the Land Gallery in Portland, Oregon. 8"x10"