Stockmar Opaque Colour Box 12 colours

Stockmar Opaque Colour Box 12 colours



With this box of Opaque Colors, you have chosen a product offering the Artist's quality you have come to expect from Stockmar.

The artistically shaped box and classic metal design, contains 12 color tabs. Each square can easily be taken out for quick replacements. The Stockmar mixing palette is not attached to the box, so you can put it down wherever is most convenient for your work - and of course it will be easier to clean than a painting box lid that is being used as a palette. In addition, your Stockmar box of Opaque colors contains a tube of Opaque white and a top quality Cat's Tongue Brush that holds its shape, made of Ponex synthetic hair and produced for Stockmar by the tradition-conscious German brush manufacturer Zahn.


  • 12 colours assorted + colors + brush + mixing palette
  • The Stockmar box of Opaque colors includes two tones of each basic color: Lemon Yellow, Golden Yellow, Carmine Red, Vermilion, Ultramarine, and Prussian Blue. 
  • Made in Italy