My Very Own Rattle
Elwood Turner

My Very Own Rattle


A Safe Teething Toy for Babies 5 Months to 2 years.

Pure, natural Rock Maple carved from a single piece of wood. This Classic Vermont Handcrafted Infant Rattle will be an Heirloom in your Family. There is no other like it in the whole world. Pleasing Babies & their Grownups since 1979.

MY VERY OWN® Rattle is an elegant update of a traditional woodturner's exercise. It is simply superior to all other rattles and teething toys: more beautiful, more durable, correctly designed, and superbly crafted.

MY VERY OWN® Rattle is made from the same tree that gives us Maple Syrup. It is the cleanest and most chemically pure of all woods. Maple contains no toxic or bad-tasting substances, unlike Walnut and most tropical woods. There is no paint, lacquer, or oil on MY VERY OWN®Rattle, so Baby can chew safely on the friendly, sweet Maple wood


Ribbon color assorted.