Hoop Painting Fun Bag

Hoop Painting Fun Bag



Paint and/or sun print these 100% silk hoops, with flowable paint, to create beautiful window/wall art.

Two options:
1. Use the resist to outline your designs, and then fill in with Dye-Na-Flow.
2. Paint the entire hoop with Dye-Na-Flow, and place objects on top for sun-printing.


  • 3 (9.5"/24.13 cm) 100% Silk Hoops
    2 Brushes
  • 1/2 fl oz/14.79 ml colors (1 each in: Turquoise, Brilliant Red and Golden Yellow)
  • 1/2 fl oz/14.79 ml Permanent Gold Water-Based resist
  • 1 oz/28.35 g Silk Salt
  • Instructions and tips
  • Age 3+