Big Brother Box
Big Brother Box
Big Brother Box
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Big Brother Box



Is there a soon-to-be Big Brother in your house?
Are you expecting and would like to get your child involved in the excitement that a new baby brings? The Big Brother Box was made specifically for this purpose!

Your soon-to-be big brother will have fun measuring Mom’s tummy, pondering about the baby’s weight & hair color, as well as hearing stories about when they were a baby. What things will big brother teach the new baby? Does big brother know how to change a diaper?

Specific skills, activities, and questions are presented in a fun, child-led way that will help prepare big brother for the arrival of the new baby.

Your soon-to-be big brother will have fun choosing a coin from the box! Follow his lead as you do an activity, or have a simple talk about various baby related things.

The Big Brother Box is a fun way to include your child in welcoming a new baby into the home.

Note: The Big Brother Box focuses on doing activities throughout the pregnancy, in preparation for the new baby.


  • Includes 60 activities on natural wood coins
  • Ages 3-10