Winter Holiday Ideas and Activities
Winter Holiday Ideas and Activities
Winter Holiday Ideas and Activities
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Winter Holiday Ideas and Activities



The days may be shorter, but the fun doesn’t stop!

The Winter Holiday Box touches on all of the special gifts wintertime brings…crisp days, warm drinks, and cozy, feel-good memories.

Filled to the brim with a variety of Christmas & winter themed ideas along with some great indoor-play activities; your child will look forward to choosing activities from their Idea Box! Invite some friends over, choose a couple of coins from the box and have a blast! You will definitely make some great memories with The Winter Holiday Box!

All of the activities and ideas in the Winter Holiday Box are simple, require little to no prep-work, and use items that are found around the house. When you make the activities in your Idea Box as child-led as possible, your child is learning to listen, ask questions, and follow directions. In addition, when you let your child take the lead, you are providing an opportunity to help build their self-esteem, promote independent thinking and grow their decision making skills.

Our Idea Boxes are secretly educational…but, your child will never know!

Here are just a few of the Winter Holiday ideas & activities you will find in the box:
•Play with Flashlights in the dark
•Make an ornament for a friend or a neighbor
•Have a mini-Holiday party with stuffed animals
•Find pretty sticks/greenery for table
•Freeze different objects in ice. Thaw.
...and, more!

The best part is that the ideas and activities never get can do them over and over again.


  • 60 Activities
  • Ages 3-10