Airplane Box
Airplane Box
Airplane Box
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Airplane Box



Keep your kids busy on the plane with simple, open-ended activities. With only a few items from home needed, and the rest found on the plane- bring the Airplane Box with you, and you’re set.

The Airplane Box is small and will fit easily into a purse or bag. If you have a lay-over, many of the activities can be used as is or adjusted to fit your environment.

Here are just a couple of the activities you will find in the box:
•Toss wadded up tissues/paper into a cup
•How long can you balance a snack on your nose, finger, etc.
•Have a staring contest
•Feel your heartbeat

  • Includes 60 simple activities on natural wood coins
  • Here are the items you will need:
    • In-flight magazine
    • snack (like a cheerio, cracker, sunflower seed)
    • pen & pencil
    • paper (any size)
    • napkin or tissue
    • coin (any size)
    • airsick bag
    • blanket (ask for one)
    • straw (ask for one)
    • cup (ask for one…or, you can use any kind of small empty container, or in a pinch- an adults hand)
  • Ages 3-10