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Science Box
Science Box
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Science Box



Calling all curious kids!
This box of simple science experiments was made just for YOU!

And, guess what? It’s totally cool!

Inside the box, you will find 60 fun and simple experiments, observations and more.

Your child will LOVE reaching in and choosing a ‘coin’ from the box. Each side of the coin has a simple experiment or idea on it.

All experiments use items from around the house. If you don’t have an item, you can easily substitute something in its place. Be creative! Every experiment or idea gives you an opportunity to talk with your child about the how’s and why’s that they are observing, feeling, smelling, etc.

Here are just a few of the ideas you will find in the box:
•Can you move a piece of paper w/ wind from your hand, a book, etc.?
•Make a launcher. Lay ruler over pencil & launch things!
•Crack an egg open. Look & touch. Then cook it. Observe changes.
•Which soap in your house makes the best bubbles?
•Mix water & cornstarch. Play!

The best part is that the experiments & ideas never get can do them over and over again.

Note: Even though no harmful chemicals or mixes are involved, children should be supervised at all times while doing the experiments


  • 60 simple experiments & observations on natural wood coins
  • Ages 3-10