Kathe Kruse Tomato Cherry Stone Pillow
Kathe Kruse

Kathe Kruse Tomato Cherry Stone Pillow



Kathe Kruse Tomato Cherrystone Pillow is a must-have to soothe your child's small bumps and bruises. This smiling stuffed donkey is wearing a brightly striped outfit and has a few cherrystones inside. Heat or cool this small pillow and it will help comfort your child when they're got a tummy ache an ''owie.'' Cherrystone pillows are among the oldest remedies for your medicine chest. The small toy is easy to carry in the diaper bag. Makes a great gift at baby showers. Please use the cherrystone pillow according to the enclosed instructions. Kathe Kruse has a long tradition of making dolls and toys that encourage creativity, foster learning at the child's own pace, and promote cooperative play. All Kathe Kruse products are made with handcrafted deta.


  • Product Care: Remove seed pillow & machine washable on cool temperature
  • Imported from Germany