Kathe Kruse Towel Doll
Kathe Kruse

Kathe Kruse Towel Doll



The Kathe Kruse Waldorf Towel Doll will quickly become your baby's cherished toy. Babies and young children love to cuddle and carry Kathe Kruse towel dolls. Soft fabrics and knotted corners make the towel doll easy to grab, carry and hug. The 18'' doll is easy to take along in your diaper bag, car seat, or stroller -- and it's the perfect toy to tuck into the crib with your baby at night.

In keeping with the Waldorf philosophy of simplicity, these dolls are handmade from 100% natural materials. The doll's face is lovingly designed to attract the attention of even tiny babies. Kathe Kruse Waldorf dolls stimulate the imagination and invite creative play. Lovingly designed in Germany and made from the highest quality materials. Kathe Kruse has been making toys for babies and children for generations. Contains wool batting and can be hand washed.


  • Imported from Germany
  • Hand wash only (contains wool batting)
  • Suitable for newborns
  • Size: 18 inches long